My FB Like Button Issue

So I’ve been dealing with Facebook’s like button error for a while. FB offers an easy way of putting a Like button in your WordPress theme by using a configurator which will give you codes once you input some needed info. I got it from here and I thought I just messed up some codes because when I click the button, it gives me this error:

“Sorry, this post contains a suspicious URL: Unknown error”.

Upon doing some checks I got it all sorted out. Ugh.

By default ec2 gives a public DNS something like and Facebook treats it as a suspicious URL.Well, of course it does look suspicious. Look how long the URL is.

I tried other “valid” URLs and they worked.

Stupid me.


So Many Things To Do, So Little Time

So I have a website here:

It’s just a simple personal web presence I created when I resigned from my previous job –something that kept me busy and sane at that time. Now that I know how to use WordPress for this kinds of shit, I want to migrate to it. I just don’t have time.

I also want to buy a new R-Pi because I lost mine 😦 I want to make some automated shit that I read here:

I have a lot of ideas on my mind.

I just don’t actually START doing it.


Code For Fun, Yo!

So I came across a post that basically tells me that it’s perfectly normal to experiment for fun. She wrote some steps as to how it will help a developer RELAX. =P

  1. Pick a technology or language and work within the confines of that language
  2. Don’t set an end goal
  3. You are done when you are done (if it stops being fun, stop.)
  4. Forget tests, forget best practice, just make something
  5. Have fun

I will try to do this R-Pi thing that I found:

Apart from my initial plan which is to build a meth lab (Breakin Bad basically gave me this idea), this is what I am aiming to do for the next couple of months during my free time.