Plesk Is Counterintuitive

First of all, this is a mini-rant.

Thank you, WordPress for your very informative and helpful guide on how to install your CMS:

Just when I thought that everything’s going smooth…

*enter Plesk*

What the fuck is Plesk? Just google it for unbiased description, BTW.

Basically, Plesk is a web-based control panel for shared and VPS hosting. In a nutshell, instead of FTP-ing and ssh-ing, a normal human being can just click and manage a hosted system.

I was asked by my boss to use it. Apparently, our client uses it so… there’s that. It’s supposed to make my life EASIER but it never did.  My life has been a living hell so far.

I am talking about this certain WP site that I’m trying to deploy from my staging server that uses Amazon EC2. It’s supposed to be a 2-hour deployment but because of limited access and Plesk’s futility, it has become a nightmare experience for me.

Maybe it’s just the limited access that’s making me crazy but damn it. Plesk is a frustrating piece of shit. If your time is precious and you have a deadline to meet, don’t fucking use it.

Oh before I forget, Plesk has a 1-click install for WP but it’s an add-on thing. Uhm, go purchase? LOL

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