My Attempt To Learn Some Magento Basics

These are just my doodles while watching the tutorial videos for Magento basics. Yes, you don’t have to tell me. I know. It’s a mess!


Procedural: Function, module, function call, variable vs. OOP: method, object, message, property

GoF design pattern, GRASP design patterns

mvc-archi pattern: modular,flexible,standard structure, everything is separate. reusable.. maintenance

cons: performance degredation too many files…3 layers not enough

thin controller approach -magento uses this…

Magento has additional layer in the V—v will initialize models!

kinda want to unlearn something to learn this

magento–mvc app with configuration-based representation level

—layout xml —block—template

controller gets the request…view will grab the model…view set up model in a user understandable interface

Lesson 2: event-driven archi

—archi in which events are used to exchange messages in real time bet apps or bet parts of a single app

event-driven programming: paradigm in w/c the flow of program is determined by events

Lesson 3: Module-based architecture (Modularity)

—continuum describing degree to w/c a system’s components may be separated and recombined

Module Guidelines:

1. keep modules opaque

2. do not directly reference one another

Time spent: 2 hours


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