Programming Blues

As a programmer who’s not an expert but has been around for a little while, I fear that keeping up with technology might become difficult for me in the future.

It’s not that it’s hard to keep up with the new technologies, it’s more of that by the time I’ve invested into mastering a technology and be really proficient in it, something new comes along.

*insert Kanye song here*

And it all falls down.

I’m all for new things. Every close friend of mine knows that. I AM A SUCKER FOR NEW THINGS. (I do say this a lot of times.) New things excite me. But whenever I start on something new and do something about it, I feel less productive. It’s like taking a huge step back when it comes to productivity.

Sometimes it demotivates me.

That’s the sad part about it.

Another depressing thing about learning programming is when you realize how far behind you are when you zoom out of your own little world. You’ll be surprised how many technologies are there and you’ll always feel like a NOOB.

Every. Single. Time.

I guess they’re right. Learning never stops.

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