I Am Sorry Billie Joe

By the time I finish this post, it’s probably October already. I know this is so overused but, YES I am trying to wake myself up when September ends.

As part of my OCTOBERSELF project, I have created a proposal for myself.



  • To apply a patch on the bugs that have been waiting for fixes for some time now
  • To update and improve the system

The design is divided into 2 modules: redeemSelf() which is sort of a FIX to improve the BUGS currently experienced by the subject, and the improveSelf() which is not work-related but will help improve the subject in the long run.

1 month


Project RedeemSelf()

1. Perfect attendance and no TARDINESS
– Wake up 7.45 AM 😀
– Breakfast, if possible

2. Work excitement
– how (?)
– log daily knowledge/skill increments haha! (SHET DUNNO HOW)
– finish ahead of schedule (DO NOT DELAY. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BE CLUTCH.)

Project ImproveSelf()

1. Driving lessons (long overdue)
– enroll!!!

2. online (MITx and shit)
– read, study and do homeworks/projects

3. RASPBERRY PI! media streamer 😀
– first project for my baby pi **to buy: usb keyboard
– might underachieve… 😦 for the first month…set up!


Pardon my use of the ANNOYING “wake me up when September ends” line. I know Billy Joe won’t be proud but I just had to use it because it really fits the situation.

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