Keep Calm And Keep Ballin

A lot of people have been telling me to try. TRY HARDER.


Yes, yes and yes. I get it. Or so I thought. Or I just hate the fact that I am being scolded.

But I get it. In fact, I’ve memorized all their lines.

“There’s no harm in trying.”
“Trying is NOT futile.”
“A winner never stops trying”

…the list goes on and on and on but I keep on ignoring them.


I don’t know. Maybe I’m just stubborn like that. Maybe I’m just not a “winner” material. Maybe I am. Maybe I lack motivation. Maybe I’m just afraid of failure. I don’t like pressure. Wait, sometimes I like it though. I am not confident but I let other people think otherwise. I know I’m smart. I mean, I’m no genius but I sure am not stupid.

There’s a lot of reasons why I am not in the pursuit of, let’s say, “trying”. Just like how Dirk is satisfied with where he is in Dallas. Just like how Duncan did not test the free agency market. Errr, this is not a good analogy. These are veteran players and I’m just in my 3rd year in the “league”.

Where I am right now is not that bad. Well, it may not be the best as well but it isn’t as bad as it may look like.

Ricky Rubio was #5. He didn’t play in the NBA immediately. He was not ROY but he did well during his first season. At some point he got injured but I heard he’ll be ready for the next season. I don’t know how he will fare in his next year but the future is definitely bright for him.*wink wink* Plus, he is happy and Khan is not a bad GM at all. The Timberwolves’ market is not as huge as the Lakers’ but I like their chances. And oh, Rubio’s salary is above average for a contract year. I think only Tyreke, Griffin (Errr, this man is special) and James Harden have bigger paychecks than him.

I say, I’m gonna keep ballin’ until I don’t feel like playing for this team anymore.

…or if someone offers me something that I cannot resist. #YouKnowWhatItIs

I am Kat, the living epitome of “Juan Tamad”. I am waiting for a ripened guava to drop in my mouth. And I’m going to get scolded again after someone reads this.

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