My ears stopped listening after the words,

“I didn’t sign up for this”.

The rest of the sentences were like fireworks of harsh words that went in and out of my ears.



hilahin pababa

hindi kaya


The statements were too hurtful to be quoted completely but the words are too strong that even without the statements, I can still remember how it felt while they were being spoken.

The words were so strong even my mind was not able to store it. It’s just too heavy to take. And on the other hand, too heavy for you to lift.

I don’t care what you say. Call me whatever you want. Too much drama? Maybe. Fuck it, this is my blog and I’m free to let it all out here.


The checkbox that you have to mark for you to be able to click the REGISTER button. So it’s either you agree to the terms offered by a service or simply not use it at all.

There was a choice. There is a choice. There will always be a choice.

You can uninstall whenever you want to.

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