Switching From SVN to Git

So my boss asked us to change our version control system from SVN to Git. The way I understand it, the biggest difference between the two lies in the way they store the data. In SVN, only the central repository stores the complete history and data while in Git all clients have a copy of their own as well.



  • has more user-friendly UI
  • easier to manage because there is only one legit copy of the whole system
  • since it has a single central repo, it is easier to give read and write access controls for the entire project


  • if in case the data are lost due to system failure, only the changes which were unique to that repository are lost
  • a complete copy of the repository data stored locally, thereby making access to file extremely fast
  • faster since all operations are local (except some) there is no network latency involved
  • repository and working directory sizes are smaller compared to SVN
  • do not have to give commit access to other people in order for them to use the versioning features

Tortoise Git


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