Cars and Flowcharts

While i was on my way home, I had some sort of epiphany.


Well, for those who know me well, this is not something new.

I make stupid and immature decisions. I dont think about the consequences of my actions. I dont save for the future. I have no concrete career path in mind.


Dear present Kat,

No one will help you but yourself. People and friends are there for support but you should not put the burden on them. Start making smart decisions. Save up. Going with the flow is nice but you gotta have something in outline view. You make awesome flowcharts for work why dont you start charting the flow of your life. Plan. Not everything should be in autopilot mode.

Grow up.

Plan B is not plan Batman…as in “bahala na si Batman”.

You cant always be a taxi driver’s passenger. You have to know where you are going. You have to know the way. Get your own car and drive there yourself. Take your ass to where you want to be. Gas up. Pay the toll. Be in control. Be responsible.

Kat’s matinong side

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