LeBron-Hating On Apple Just Because I Want To

Apple doesn’t specifically get it done impressively on the tech side.

They just announce it the loudest.

Then patent it.

Then sue over it.

Then having the “lawsuit” as their proof, fanboys start claiming that Apple actually invented it.

That has been the routine for years. They take what other people have been doing for ages, stamp a pretty cool logo on it and sell it as something “revolutionary”?

* Apple events remind me of LeBron’s “The Decision”. Maybe that’s why I am so annoyed. *

Fanboys think it’s revolutionary because it’s the first time that Apple implemented it when in fact it has been there in other OS for years while they’re stuck in their own little Apple world.

To be fair, the new MBP’s Retina display is their killer feature right now. Apart from that, the others are just *yawn*. I would like to specifically say that the “Power Nap” is old news for Windows users.

And about the iOS 6… Facebook integration is old news for Android users too. iMaps (I don’t know how it’s called…I just want to call it iMaps) in 3D? Pretty cool. I just hate that they gave the impression that they developed their own maps service. They didn’t actually build something plus I heard their maps data will be provided by TomTom. Great innovation, right?

I could go on and on with this but, no. I have other things to do. The main point of this blog is that I  just hate all the fuss about the revolutionary claim and Google needs to get their marketing shit together.


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