Potipot Island Getaway

I just got back last night from a trip to the isolated Potipot Island in Zambales. We stayed at Isla Vista Beach Resort and then went across the sea by banca to the famous Potipot.  In just 5 minutes, we got to the island.

Overlooking Potipot Island from Isla Vista

Indeed, it has white sand and the water is crystal clear. You can explore the whole island in just 10 minutes, I guess.

You can set up tents and umbrellas if you don’t want to rent cottages. The entrance fee in Potipot Island is 100 pesos and 200 pesos for an overnight stay. The banca ride (roundtrip) costs 400 pesos for 4 persons.

Here are some other Potipot Island photos:

5 thoughts on “Potipot Island Getaway

  1. waw si kat me blog! haha

  2. KatPadi’s Point – where my opinion matters -> haha nice title btw.

  3. ahahaha! npdaan lng =p

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